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Genetic Engineering Action Links & Earth Day Information

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT….. Didn’t Hippocrates say “Let food be thy medicine”. He’d be rolling over in his grave & modifying that statement to read, “as long as it is not food from the United States! We are in a soup of toxic chemicals.

I am a member of a special group of volunteers (sdlabelgmos) in San Diego, CA, who are dedicated to cleaning up our environment and our food supply through education and political action. It was with this group that I helped collect signatures to get Prop 37 in California (Right to know Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods) on the ballot and then educate the public about that proposition, so they could vote intelligently, knowing the facts. That was just the beginning of our efforts on the huge task of not only getting genetically modified foods at least labeled, but hopefully eliminated from the food supply.

Currently big agribusiness, the biotech industry and the food manufacturing industry are just too well funded; in bed with the government, & reaping huge mega-profits, to yield to consumer demand. It is like the tobacco industry all over again, except this time everyone who EATS is a victim! Even though we are getting sicker, fatter and killing ourselves from all the GMO’s, and chemicals in our food & environment, the only way there will be a shift in this paradigm is to simply vote with our purchasing power and lifestyle habits. If we refuse to buy these products, change our unhealthy ways and refuse to just go along with the status quo, we can effect change. Corporations respond only to things that effect their bottom line (or existence). Note the distracting megablitz of negative ads, full of lies and misinformation, confusing the whole labeling issue,  2 weeks prior to the California vote. They spent a hefty millions of dollars on that & just barely won,

Along that line of thinking I have reproduced information below (generously collected & disseminated by our volunteer coordinator in North County SD: Dan Osman), with links & events that you can educate yourself, get involved, and take action. Please share this truthful, accurate information with your network.
For your health & that of future generations I ask that you TAKE ACTION NOW!!!!
I’ll be at the EARTH FAIR at Alta Vista Gardens on April 13th…hope to see you there.
Take action now before end of comment period & pending FDA approval of GMO salmon (April 25).
Go to the following URL, which contains links to comment directly on FDA webpage, to sign petitions, and to send emails to FDA, President Obama, and Congressional Representatives, as well as phone numbers to call:

For those of you who may attend large gatherings, you can print handouts using these two links:

Upcoming Events:

Sunday March 24, 2pm: “Monster Salmon” movie showing + bonus documentary
Vista Library Community room, 700 Eucalyptus Ave, Vista, CA 92084
Sponsored by Transition North County San Diego. For more info, email

Saturday April 13 –Sunday April 14: 10am-6pm: Healthy Living Festival (Del Mar Fairgrounds)
Info & signup (volunteer at our booth) here:

Saturday April 13, 10am-3pm: Earth Fair (Alta Vista Gardens, in Vista)
Info & signup (volunteer at our table) here:

Sunday April 14, 7:30am-12:30pm: North Coast Calvary Chapel Earth Day Event (Carlsbad)
Sign up (to volunteer at our booth) by emailing

Sunday April 21, 10am-6pm: Earth Day (Balboa Park)
Info & signup (volunteer at our booth) here:

To pledge a future donation toward the booth or flyers for a specific event above, please email:

July 4: Moms Across America March (plus fathers, children, etc.):
March together in local 4th of July parades to raise awareness of GMOs & demand labels.
For more info, visit

If you would like to schedule a showing of Jeffrey Smith’s new film, Genetic Roulette, contact:
Dan, North County Coastal group – (
Dale, Spring Valley area – (
Sandy, North County Inland – (
Sarah, Central Coast – (

Thanks for reading & taking action…Stay Healthy & eat organic/NON-GMO, locally sourced food.
Donna Wolf RD, CLT

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