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Nutritional Notes

Articles on Nutrition that will Educate and Empower You to Live a Healthier Life


In order to change your body you have to change your choices and your habits. But, that’s difficult to do without learning what is healthy and what isn’t, since we have been deceived by so much inaccurate diet propaganda over the past few decades. So who do you trust and how do you know what really is healthy and what isn’t?

Donna has over 30 years experience studying, researching and mastering the science and art of nutrition. She discovered that one size does not fit all people, when it comes to diets and eating. That’s why she customizes each and every nutritional plan for each client she works with. Some people have food allergies and sensitivities that others don’t. She uses diagnostic testing and several other assessment tools to help you find the perfect nutritional plan that is right for you.

Even though Donna is a respected, experienced and trustworthy dietitian with over 30 years experience, she is still very much an advocate of empowering clients to learn for themselves by reading, researching and trying out what works and what doesn’t for them.

This list of recommended reading is a great place to start your commitment to your health. Enjoy learning about how to eat healthy, in order to live in your healthiest body possible.

Click on the Articles below to learn about nutritional tips that will educate and empower you to keep making healthy choices.  Being informed is your first step to maintaining your health.

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Nutrition Confusion

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Summertime Nutrition

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Eating Out at Lunchtime

Healthy Recipes

Cholesterol & Heart Health

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

USDA allows continued use of 12 substances in organic production 


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