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Healthy Resources

Healthy Choices Equal Healthy Bodies!

These are business we promote and support with confidence, because they provide the highest quality products and services to support you in sustaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Eat healthy and move you body! You’ll feel and look better!

These are services that will help you do just that.


Organic Foods:

Be Wise Ranch
Be Wise Ranch is a certified organic farm that has been growing organic produce since 1977 in the Santa Fe Valley, just twenty miles north of San Diego.  Be Wise Ranch organic vegetables and fruits are known nationally for their delicious flavor and fresh, sun-ripened quality.  They offer a wide selection of CCOF certified organic fruit and vegetables for wholesale distribution throughout the country, including vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, squash, and melons.


Gluten Free & Celiac Dieting Info:

2Good2B® is your source for Gluten, Corn and Soy Free foods that help you feel and live your absolute best. Experience a renewed and improved level of energy, vitality, and happiness!
Since 1995, they have been offering gluten-free products to people on this diet. Their company was founded by professional chef and food writer, Beth Hillson who, along with her son, is gluten-free.  They are always on the lookout for new products and ideas to help make it easier and tastier for their customers to thrive on a gluten-free diet. Their customers appreciate their great products, informative website and reliable and friendly customer service.

Gluten Free Club
An online community packed with information and resources for people on a gluten-free diet.  On this website you’ll find recipes, articles, forums, gluten free restaurant lists, videos, audios and member stories.  Check it out today as membership in the club is limited.

Gluten Free Works
This website is a great resource for gluten-free products, information and resources.  They offer a diet guide, a health guide and a gluten-free gazette which is free to members.

Celiac Central – National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

When people with celiac disease eat foods containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging the fingerlike villi of the small intestine. When the villi become damaged, the body is unable to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream, which can lead to malnourishment. Celiac disease is also known as celiac sprue, nontropical sprue, and gluten-sensitive enteropathy.Researchers have determined that celiac disease is a genetic condition, meaning that it is inherited.  In some cases, celiac becomes active or is triggered by events such as surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or severe emotional stress.

Roughly one out of every 133 Americans has celiac disease, but 97% remain undiagnosed.  This means that almost three million Americans have celiac disease and only about 100,000 know they have it.

This site has information on food and recipes, books and videos, foundations and societies, government resources, support groups and more.

Celicac Disease Foundation
Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) is a highly-regarded national organization recognized throughout the world. CDF strives to promote awareness and build a supportive community for patients, families and health care professionals. CDF is actively involved in advocating for patient concerns and networking with other national and international organizations.

Culinary School:

Alchemy of the Hearth Culinary School, San Marcos, CA – Arleen Lloyd, Certified Chef


Recommended Products:

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour





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