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LEAP Program and Testing

What is LEAP?

LEAP means – Lifestyle Eating and Performance Program. It is a protocol designed to identify and treat food sensitivities that are often at the root cause of ailments, and the inflammation of chronic illnesses such as – Fibromyalgia, IBS, migraine headache and auto-immune conditions.

How do you know if you need help from a LEAP expert? Ask yourself these questions:  do you have some health concerns that you haven’t been able to find the underlying cause of. Or, have you not been able to  heal your body no matter what diet you follow, what supplements you take, or by prescriptions medications taken that just treat symptoms? Have prescription medications made you worse with more symptoms and reduced feeling of health? If your answers are YES to any of these, then you will surely benefit from MRT Testing and the LEAP Nutrition Therapy program.

How can a Registered Dietitian and Certified Leap Therapist help you?

A Registered Dietitian who is also a Certified Leap Therapist, works with clients who want to be restored to perfect health by finding the cause of their suffering.  Nutrition and what we put in our bodies is our savior or our curse. What we consume regularly affects our health in so many ways.

A LEAP Therapist starts the healing process by looking at your symptoms, energy levels, emotional balance, sleep habits, stress levels & management, etc. to get a big picture of  your overall health status. Past and present medical history is looked at along with your lifetime toxin exposure load, diet, medications, supplement use and much more. They look at what is a source of frustration, anxiety and pain that is not allowing you to feel at your best and vibrantly healthy.

How does LEAP work?

1. It starts with a comprehensive health evaluation to assess your nutritional status and how it correlates to your symptoms. Perhaps you have tried traditional approaches to trying to resolve your health challenges and were disappointed. Maybe you have tried to lose weight, stuck to numerous diet and exercise plans but still couldn’t make any noticeable progress. How frustrating!

2. LEAP looks at food & chemical sensitivities and their effect on the body. These sensitivities are difficult to identify. As a result they are insidious culprits for suffering. The LEAP program exposes these hidden saboteurs to your health by utilizing a proven, highly accurate and patented blood test called MRT or Mediator Release Test.  This test identifies currently aggravating foods and food chemicals. This test allows the LEAP Certified Therapist to construct an individualized and efficient elimination and reintroduction food plan, to further identify triggers and to modify overall sensitivity.

3. Once your specific sensitivities are identified, the LEAP therapist customizes a specific nutritional plan that systematically eliminates, over time, the food and chemical reactivities that are causing your suffering. The result in following this program is a reduction in sensitivities and reactions, reduced inflammation and a retraining of the immune system to reduce potential new sensitivities. This process is different than working with true food allergies. Food allergies and food/chemical sensitivities are different biochemical processes. You will also learn how to manage your diet over a lifetime to prevent new sensitivities from developing. The result is a happier, healthier you, finally in control of your own health.

Common Symptoms of Food and Chemical Sensitivities

You may be suffering from the side effects of food and chemical sensitivities and not even know it. Even if  you may not be suffering from any overt symptoms of illness,  perhaps you cannot seem to drop that last 10-20 lbs, or you just don’t have the energy and drive you used to, or you suffer from a persistent annoying symptom. You may have a strong immune system that is battling food and chemical intruders and winning right now, but your immune systems’ resources are being taxed by this constant inner battle.

Food and chemical sensitivities cause a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms. The most common symptoms include but aren’t limited to:

♥ Fatigue

♥ Headaches

♥ Irritable bowel syndrome – gut pain

♥ Diarrhea or constipation

♥ Gas & bloating

♥ Inability to lose weight

♥ Joint and muscle pain

♥ Sinus problems

♥ Rashes

♥ Lack of mental focus

♥ Irritability and anxiety

This is merely the most common but by no means a complete list of all the health challenges associated with food and chemical sensitivities.

SAD in Deed

These symptoms are directly linked to our western lifestyle and the Standard American Diet (SAD). As we have become more civilized the modern day conveniences that were initially designed to improve our quality of life have actually become an impediment.  Multiple research and studies have proven that as result of our poor diets, overly processed and depleted foods, lack of exercise and sleep, high toxin exposure loads, and high stress levels, we are suffering epidemic levels of all diseases and maladies, like never before, and like no other nation on earth.

LEAP Resolves Health Issues at the Core

A Registered Dietitian, trained in food science, nutrition, diet therapy, counseling and menu planning, can correctly identify the root of the problem and then treat it appropriately using proven methods.

A LEAP Therapist provides you with an affordable diet plan comprised of REAL FOOD you can eat. They can also provide shopping assistance with a grocery tour, or a pantry makeover to help you stock your pantry with healthy choices. Through cooking classes or individual cooking instruction, a Registered Dietitian/LEAP Therapist teaches you how to prepare healthy meals that taste good and heal your body.

All Health Professionals are not Equal

Other health professionals do NOT have the skills, training, or resources to identify and treat nutrition and dietary concerns, including food sensitivities, like a Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist does. They focus on getting to the core cause and removing your triggers, in order to restore your body to optimum health.

To find out if you suffer from food and chemical sensitivities, contact Donna Wolf -Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Certified LEAP Therapist today at 858-335-2140 or  Schedule an initial consultation to identify you health challenges and find out how LEAP can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

LEAP Consultation

 The LEAP PROGRAM is a protocol for clients who are suffering from the effects of body wide inflammation common in:

♥ Leaky gut syndrome

♥ Food & chemical sensitivities

♥ Gas, abdominal pain and bloating

♥ Fatigue

♥ Weight fluctuations

♥ Inability to lose weight

♥ IBS -Irritable Bowel Syndrome

♥ Heartburn or GERD

♥ Fibromyalgia

♥ Gluten-intolerance

♥ Skin eruptions

♥ Arthritis

♥ Migraines or other headaches

♥ Joint & muscle pain

♥ Diarrhea or constipation

All of these symptoms and conditions are examples of nutritional imbalances that need a nutrition solution. These DO NOT indicate a drug deficiency!

The LEAP program involves a blood test called the MRT= Mediator Release Test. Then a nutritional protocol is formulated based on the assessment and results of the MRT. This is the foundation for your personalized plan for wellness.

Details about the LEAP program include:

♥ $150 for comprehensive Initial Evaluation/Assessment

♥ $395 for the MRT Test

♥ $600 for a 6 session package to guide you through the 2 part individualized dietary protocol

♥ Includes menu planning, recipes, supplement recommendations, and personalized lifestyle/health coaching to restore your health.

Medical Nutrition Therapy & Counseling

Customized plans, based on individual client needs, are determined at initial nutritional assessment.

Please note: Donna does not currently participate in any health insurance plans.  However, expenses for Nutrition Counseling are eligible for reimbursement through a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  A “Superbill” will be provided to you for documentation.

Some insurance companies cover nutrition counseling; unfortunately some do not.  If your insurance plan covers nutrition services, Donna will provide you with a form to submit to your insurance as an out of network provider.

Since Donna is a Registered Dietitian (RD), plans that include nutrition services may reimburse you for her services.

MRT and LEAP Program fees are based on individual client needs and determined at initial consult.

Please contact your insurance provider for details of your specific insurance plan coverages.

Donna Wolf, Healthy Directions for You

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