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Testimonial – Michelle B.

I found Donna earlier this year after I began seriously questioning my lifestyle habits and overall health. I was a 28 year old woman eating fast food and pizza everyday, tired, irritated, battling daily headaches and migraines. I had been caring for my ill father and then said goodbye and was watching myself follow in his unhealthy footsteps and wondering seriously if cardiovascular disease and diabetes were in my future (I’m sure they were). I knew I needed help to change so I searched “dietitian” on Yelp and Donna’s profile stood out to me so I called and made an appointment!

When I first met with Donna she had me fill out detailed questionnaires to get to know me and my habits and genes. I didn’t really know what to expect or if she would just put me on a diet to follow but after meeting with her and going over all of my symptoms (aches, pains, fatigue, anxiety, migraines and headaches) she suggested I sign up for a LEAP MRT testing and protocol to follow. I can’t explain this protocol as well as she does (call her!) but basically I took a blood test to see what foods I’m sensitive to and then started followed a strict guideline of foods that I tested ok for and then each week reintroduced more foods to see if I’m sensitive or not to them.

Long story short, after a few weeks into the protocol I started feeling better and better!! (I’m not gonna lie, the first few day were rough and I felt as if I was detoxing.) The best part of following this protocol is that it really makes you change your habits. Eating healthy, shopping and preparing foods, and exercising daily are new habits for me and I enjoy them all! I was a huge skeptic that by simply changing your diet you could really feel better and have more energy but I was so wrong. If you’re ready to start eating better, feeling better and preventing serious diseases and illness, call Donna!

Michelle B. -Valley Center, CA December 12, 2016

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