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New Year, New Health Goals

Yes it’s the New Year, yes we want to feel better, get healthy, lose weight, detox, set and achieve goals, and so much more.
The problems are: where do we start, how do we make time and how do we afford it???
Well, we need a plan, we need credible and realistic information, and we need to budget – time and money. Sounds so simple, yet when these tools are utilized, we are more likely to get the job done, in a reasonable and timely manner.

When it comes to nutrition, all principles above are applicable. I remind you that every thing you consume, be it liquid, solid, or gas (as in breathed in) effects your overall health, and how you feel, hour to hour. The trend at this time of year, after an excessive holiday is to detox our bodies, restrict intake, and do all sorts of “diets”.
The trending Ketogenic, Paleo, vegan, organic, raw, fermented type diets just DON”T fix our chronic problems. In order to really get “well”, really burn off unwanted fat, get rid of fatigue, headaches, or permanently solve gastrointestinal issues, we need to identify the root CAUSE of the problem, fix it, and maintain permanent positive behavior change, so the problem does not creep back up again by December 2018.

This is the essence of what is know as Functional Nutrition, and Functional Medicine. It is identifying the root cause of how you got to where you are today, fixing the imbalances, and teaching you how to maintain optimal health, through positive behavior change. Losing 13 lbs. in 30 days, by eating diet foods and shakes, will not create optimal health, or fix a chronically developing disease. It is ludicrous to believe that you can repair health imbalances by eating processed foods or supplements, and do so in a month’s time. That is what the advertising industry is hoping you will believe, especially when they entice you with easy buttons, short time frames, magic pills, potions or ingredients.

Let’s get REAL here. How long did it take for you to gain that weight? How long have you been suffering with that fatigue, those headaches or all that gastric chaos??? It probably has been months or even years. I see this every day in my practice.

So what’s the plan then???

Start with a true evaluation of your health, and some legitimate testing. Take an inventory of all your symptoms. I do this in practice with a symptom survey. One is attached to this email below. Read the instructions so you evaluate numerically, not just Yes, or No. Next figure out when was the last time you had any lab work done, got hormones checked, did a stool test, took your blood pressure, calculated your BMI (body mass index) and REE (resting energy expenditure), or did a food sensitivity test ?? If it has been longer than a year, or you have never done any of these, you need to do them now. These things are biometrics of health status. Until you know where you are at, you cannot effectively move forward with a health plan of action. This is the beginning of identifying the TRUE “problem(s).

We will quit here to give you an opportunity to collect this data. In my next blog, we’ll continue our plan for renewed vigor, optimal health and elimination of symptoms.
If this is enough info for you to decide you are ready to get on board the train to optimal health, I suggest you make an appointment with a Functional Health Practitioner. A functional health practitioner can evaluate your current health picture, recommend the most accurate testing and get you started on a TRUE, Permanent, effective plan for health. This plan should include consumption of REAL wholesome foods, mind/body techniques for adequate sleep and stress reduction, regular daily exercise, education for healthy long term behaviors, and targeted supplements to correct deficiencies, and imbalances.


Take a look at the fabulous Programs HEALTHY DIRECTIONS FOR YOU is offering to help you achieve your goals. Call for a free 15 min consultation, or to schedule an appointment for an initial consult. This initial consult is offered at a discount for a limited time only. This is a 1½ hour in depth health assessment.
Initial Consultation appointment normally $155. Through Feb. 12th it is offered at $99.

Programs for the New Year:

*Get right for the New Year, Nutrition and Health package – Reset for Health
*Detox, Weight Management and Lifestyle program
*Immune Foundations Program – to support Immune Function or heal from Immune Disorders
*Heal Your Gut and Fix Food & Chemical Sensitivities/Intolerances

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