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Class & Program Testimonials

At Healthy Directions of Poway, we are passionate about showing you how to eat well to live well.  Read what our clients have to say about our Cooking Classes, Weight Management Programs and our other Nutrition Services.

I enjoyed your July class very much and have just signed up for the August 19th class. I made both of the salad recipes from the July class and they were a big hit. I took the kale salad to a potluck, just as you had suggested! I added blueberries as well. I also signed up for the Be Wise CSA and have my first pickup tomorrow! I’m really excited about it. I’ve also quoted you many times on the question ”How do you keep your vegetables from getting slimy?” Answer: “I eat them.” Love it!  I’m looking forward to the class on the 19th.

Katy L. 8/10/15


Testimonial for Wt. Program + LEAP

When I scheduled my appointment with Donna, my main goal was weight loss. I had tried many times with no success. I expected to get the typical diet with lots of salads and bland food. Instead, I discovered a whole new way of cooking and looking at food! The LEAP program gave me the knowledge to stop eating foods that my body was fighting. That change triggered my metabolism and I started losing weight without feeling hungry. Transitioning to eating wholesome organic foods has not been easy but it has definitely been worth it. I feel better, have more energy and for the first time I am on track to get to my weight goal.

Delia Estrada 7/21/15


I started with Donna Wolf due to my weight and subsequent diabetes and high cholesterol diagnoses. I have had type 2 diabetes for four years. I have had weight problems on and off my whole adult life (over 30 years). My goal in coming to Donna was to reduce my weight, blood sugar levels, and LDL cholesterol. The overall goal is to reduce or eliminate all medications associated with my health issues. Through Donna, I started on a balanced nutritional weight management program including appropriate nutritional supplements tailored to my individual situation. I met with Donna every two to three weeks for a weigh-in, counseling, and education.  During this time, I noticed my cravings for sweets and white bread (and all junk food) had greatly diminished. Within 5 months, I lost the initial 10 pound goal I had set for myself and my blood sugars are stable. I will have my cholesterol tested soon which will be the real test. I would highly recommend Donna Wolf for nutritional counseling and weight management.

Carol Wood 6/1/15


June 1, 2015

Dear Ms. Donna Wolf, RD, CLT

My primary care doctor, as a result of an unbalanced and improper diet, referred me to you as it related to my acid-­‐reflux condition. I am happy to say that this condition/defect is now well under control and is being managed through the implementation of changing food combinations, consumption and quantities, all for which you helped orchestrate and coordinate; and I thank you for that.

Your guidance, wisdom, and overall knowledge of how food reacts and interacts with our bodies has been invaluable. Your roadmap to a healthier way of eating was not only important to the healing process, per se, but also tantamount to being able to understand the delicate balance between certain foods and nutritional properties, both favorable and non-­‐favorable, that interact and react with my body.

Further, by adhering to your plan of eating foods that helped control the acid reflux defect, I was able to achieve a weight loss outcome, without the continued prescribed medication, and for that I am very pleased with…all with no side effects.

In closing, I am grateful that my primary care physician referred me to you and that our paths crossed. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that is in need of a registered dietician, or anyone else who suffers from eating disorders, health conditions, food sensitivities or any other circumstances regarding diet and wellness.

I look forward to seeing you again. Wishing you all the very best in your new office space.

Sincerely, Peter Seltser



In my association with Donna Wolf I have found her to be an extremely knowledgeable and positive person.  Her approach to weight reduction is incremental healthy changes at the clients pace.  Her vast knowledge of nutrition, positive approach and flexibility makes her program effective.

I can highly recommend working with Donna and her Healthy Directions program.

Michael L.

Donna is a great resource for nutritional information. Her healthy cooking classes are amazing.  She is able to use ingredients I would not have thought to use and makes delicious recipes for my entire family.  Her presentation, instructions, and the information she provides is professional. I would recommend her services anytime.


Everyone should try Donna’s cooking classes!  Healthy and tasty, they can be prepared in the blink of an eye for the whole family.


Your breakfast demo was good.  The variety of recipes is helpful.  I’m feeling a lot better.  Being in the program is giving me presence of mind to keep tabs on my body and the fuel it needs and constantly watching the food that I eat.  For so many years, I just threw whatever in my mouth.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement.

Leigh Ann

I really enjoyed attending these cooking classes. If you know anyone else who may enjoy any of the services Healthy Directions offers, please pass this on!  Donna Wolf is a Registered Dietitian and a friend of mine.  I’ve attended her cooking classes in her own kitchen; such a lovely, friendly atmosphere.  I’m planning to attend more!  She is genuine and knows how to make eating & cooking healthy and do-able!  I’m learning how to cook better for my family (and me too).  If you love to cook, or you need to find healthier food choices, come with me to a class or check it out on your own.  Donna is awesome!

Amy Gonsalves

The pizza class last night was terrific – so much fun, just what I needed.  Let me know your schedule for the next series.  Thanks!


Healthy Directions, what an awesome name!  It is NOT about dieting, but about lifestyle changes toward a path of mindful behaviors which develop lifelong good habits.  I went in with a rebellious attitude and have traded that in for the knowledge that I CAN follow good habits of exercise and normal eating.  Donna Wolf gives gentle guidance and support.  I’ve been aided by insights from others in the group.  I started seeing results almost immediately.  The gentle weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week was good enough for me!  After 5 months, I have lost 30 pounds and 29 cholesterol points!  I have been able to discontinue one of my blood pressure medications and foresee going off the other soon.  I am so happy to be able to MOVE more comfortably and I cant alter my clothes (down 2-3 sizes) fast enough!


It seems like 5 lbs. ago I thought I couldn’t get the scale to go down.  I have made a lot of changes in my life this year and I am happy to say that I am much healthier now.

Carla : )

I enjoyed the tour and felt like the hands on was more real to me than just talking about it.  We all had questions about foods that pertained to each of us and you gave answers which further helps in making decisions when we are shopping.  Comparing food labels in the store takes loads of time, but with you there to interpret some of the language, it became easier to see that it is very important to continue to do this. The fact is becoming clearer to me that the more basic the food, the better for you.  I enjoyed the field trip and hope you do other trips in the future.

Jan C.

The Healthy Directions of Poway program has taught me how to keep my body properly fueled with energy, thus strengthening healthy eating habits and mindful eating.  I have lost 20 lbs. in 4 months and I am getting ready to achieve my major goal, which is running a complete marathon (23+ miles).  If your goal is to improve eating habits, accustom to it, and consequently lose weight, then I recommend to you the Healthy Directions of Poway program.


Katie and Jessica had a great time!  It was their first cooking class ever, so they weren’t sure what to expect, but I think they were pleasantly surprised!  Katie has been saying that she wants to make that pork dish for us for dinner soon. Who am I to say no?I was looking for a regular cooking class that she could take during the summer, but couldn’t find anything. I like that your class was about healthy cooking (so often the classes offered elsewhere showcase more fat-laden, caloric recipes that I would never choose to cook for my family). I know that Jessica’s mom wanted the same kind of class for her daughter. Thanks again for the great class.


If you are ready to feel better, look better and live healthy – contact Healthy Directions of Poway to schedule your consultation.  Eat well to live well!




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