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Private Classes

Get the One-on-One support you need to make healthy choices!


Cooking Classes
Pantry Makeovers
Grocery Shopping Assistance

We all have good intentions, but sometimes life just gets in the way of fulfilling those good intentions when it comes to making healthier diet and exercise choices. It is one thing to go to a class, read a book or watch a documentary on how important it is to eat organic, to exercise and to eat lots of veggies, and quite another thing to actually take the time and make the commitment to take action to live a healthier life.

That’s why Donna created these private sessions to help you transform your health by giving your kitchen a makeover that supports your new healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve never even boiled a pot of water or you burn toast and call that cooking, Donna can help you get your groove on in the kitchen with more personalized assistance. In her private classes she will teach you about:

♥ Meal preparation

♥ Stocking your pantry with quick, easy and healthy meals and snacks

♥ Eliminating the confusion over what to select at the grocery store

Donna will set you up to win at the game of health with one-on-one instruction and support.

You will learn how to create fabulous meals that support your personal dietary needs and goals. These more personalized trainings are casual, informative and fun. We address basic wellness concerns for adults, teens and children.

We also address issues of weight management, vegetarian diets, food allergies, healthy entertaining for the holidays, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and more. Each personalized session includes shopping tips, nutritional information and recipes.  Call today to schedule your own private empowerment session to get practical, easy answers to all your healthy and dietary concerns.

Private Cooking Classes Just for You

If you are going to eat healthy then you have to learn how to prepare food and cook. There’s no way around that. Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice that requires planning and preparation. Otherwise, it is too easy to slip back into unhealthy old habits of grabbing fast food on the run. When you prepare your own food, you know exactly what’s in it. When you don’t, you don’t have any control over all the processed sugars, fats and preservatives that are added to your meals.

Sometimes a group class isn’t enough for those clients who are committed to transforming their diet and liefstyle to a healthy one. That’s why Donna offers private one-on-one cooking classes for you or a private group of your choosing. These classes are fun, interactive and empowering. You can even make them a popular private party for you and your family and friends to enjoy having Donna all to yourselves.

Here’s what you get when Donna comes to your place for a private cooking class just for you:


  ♥ Food preparation instruction

  ♥ Recipes

  ♥ Educational handouts

  ♥ A healthy, yummy meal at the end of class


(It takes time and preparation to do these right, so please plan ahead. These private sessions require a 3-week advanced reservation)

Pantry Makeovers

What the heck is a Pantry Makeover anyway? Well, it’s a complete  transformation of your food pantry where we evaluate every food item in  your pantry and discuss and decide which items stay and which ones go.  Donna teaches you how to read labels and explains each item and why it  is healthy or unhealthy for you. No unhealthy food will survive the test of  the Pantry Makeover!

This service works best in conjunction with the Grocery Shopping  Assistance service, so that you can restock your pantry with healthy  alternatives.

Both these services are designed to educate and empower you to make  healthy choices and understand why you are making those choices.




Grocery Shopping Assistance  Fresh Produce

Do you read labels? Do you know what parts of the grocery store to stay away from? Do you know where all the healthy food is located in a grocery store? If you would like to understand the most efficient way to navigate a grocery store in order to shop for healthy foods to support you in eating a more nutritionally balanced diet, this informative tour of your local grocery store will be enlightening and empowering for you. Donna’s focuses on you and your individual nutritional needs in this one-on-one grocery shopping session just for you.

Private Cooking Instruction, Pantry Makeovers and Grocery Shopping Assistance services are customized and priced based on individual needs.

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The above services are by appointment only – contact us to schedule.

Donna Wolf, Healthy Directions for You

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