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Classes and Workshops

Get your life back! Put your health first!

Love Yourself Enough

Sometimes we all need a little help. Donna’s classes are here to support you in restoring your health, so that you can live a long and happy healthy life. If you don’t have your health nothing else really matters, because you don’t feel well enough to enjoy any of it.

Donna has spent over 30 years studying health and nutrition. From experience and advanced training, she has become a master dietitian and nutritional counselor who has a passion and commitment to transform the health of America one body and mind at a time.

She has created several classes, workshops and special events that are dynamic, fun and engaging to make learning about living a healthy lifestyle fun for you. Whether it’s learning to eat healthier to slim down, or overcoming food allergies, or even heal from a debilitating disease that is effecting your quality of life, Donna has been there and done that and seen many hopeless cases turned around with the right nutritional approach specifically designed to address each and everyone of these concerns.

You can work with Donna one-on-one or attend one of her entertaining and educational classes or events to learn more about who you can take your health back to live the vibrant, energetic life you love living.

When you work with Donna you will learn how to:

♥ Live healthy

♥ Reduce inflammation

♥ Eliminate aches and pains

♥ Increase energy

♥ Lose weight

♥ Feel great

♥ Prepare and cook healthy meals

♥ Detox your body in a safe and healthy way

Access multiple tips and resources to manage your own health

If you want to lose weight and feel great, have more energy, eliminate inflammation, aches and pains, and get rid of allergies and other chronic symptoms, Donna can help with one of her signature workshops or classes to promote health and well-being.

Donna is unique as a Registered Dietitian because she customizes a plan for each and every client. She does not believe one-size-fits-all as far as someone’s nutritional health is concerned.

In addition to private one-on-one sessions, Donna also provides public classes and workshops that are designed to educate and empower you about your health.

Donna offers the following classes and workshops to the public. She will also customize a presentation for employee wellness programs and private groups with specific needs.

Healthy Cooking Classes

These are food demonstration classes. Donna will demonstrate the preparation of 2-3 healthy recipes. You will receive:

♥ Recipes

♥ Shopping lists, & Resources

♥ Tips & techniques

♥ Eat the food prepared

♥ Learn how EASY it is to prepare quick, delicious meals that support you with energy and nutrients to function at your optimal level.

These recipes are versatile and designed to fit most any diet you may be following to improve your health. Modifications are also provided.

Donna suggests buying organic produce that is harvested locally and available from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box that is delivered to your door, or at your local Farmer’s market.

These classes are fun, social and fill up fast. Click here to find out more about Donna’s Healthy Cooking Classes.

Detox Your Body for More Energy and Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss?

Are you frustrated and don’t understand why you’re not losing that excess weight, in spite of strict dieting and long hours working out?

Are you doing everything “right”, without the results to prove it?

Donna has the solution!

Your body may not be metabolically “able” to lose that unwanted fat, even if your mind is. Learn the real truth behind successful weight loss and keeping it off permanently.

Would you like to:

♥ Have fun

♥ Lose weight and feel great

♥ Dump the fatigue and sleep better

♥ Repair blood lipids

♥ Stabilize your blood sugar

♥ Achieve optimal health

That no longer has to be a distant dream. It is a very real possibility with Donna’s program. Come see how, in this class about healthy weight loss and management. Click here to learn more about why detoxing your body is absolutely necessary in order to live a long and healthy, happy life.

Simply Vegetarian

In this class, Donna Wolf R.D. teaches you how to manage a vegetarian diet and what that actually means. She’ll help shake up the doldrums you may be experiencing and introduce you to fabulous easy to make meals that will leave you wanting more. Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring or difficult, it’s easy when you know how. Resources and recipes are provided.

Contact Donna at 858-335-2140 or to find out more.

Living Gluten-free for Health – Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity

There is more to living gluten-free than just eliminating wheat, rye and barley from your diet, and giving up breads, baked goods and pasta. There are a lot of benefits and choices available to Celiacs and Gluten-Sensitive individuals.

Join Registered Dietitian Donna Wolf for eye opening revelations about gluten. She will help you understand the appropriate and accurate testing needed to determine if you are gluten-intolerant or gluten-sensitive, and what each of those terms means.

Learn how to be truly “gluten-free” and how gluten affects your health and quality of life. You’ll learn simple techniques to help you become more aware of the hidden sources of gluten and what you need to do to live a healthier lifestyle. Plenty of resources will be provided, along with delicious gluten-free recipes.

If you and other people you know and love suffer from gluten-sensitivity or intolerance, contact Donna at 858-335-2140 or to schedule a group class that will educate and empower you on how to live a happy, healthy, gluten-free life.

The Truth about Fiber, Fat and Carbs

In this lively class, Donna teaches you the truth about high fiber foods, good carbs and good fats.

Is there such a thing as good fats? ABSOLUTLY YES!

Aren’t all fats bad? ABSOLUTLY NOT! They are essential for life.

You’ll be surprised at what you can actually eat and the benefits to your waistline, not to mention the health benefits fiber,  good fats and good carbohydrates have on brain power and your body’s overall ability to function at optimum well-being. Handouts and recipes are included.

This is a good one that surprises a lot of people. Find out more from Donna at 858-335-2140 or

Anti-Inflammation Diet – Paleo or Mediterranean

Extensive research has revealed that chronic inflammation is the root cause of most all serious illnesses. Detoxification, healthy nutritional choices and life style changes can eliminate many of these diseases:

♥ Heart Disease – the number 1 killer in America

♥ Diabetes

♥ Cancer

♥ Alzheimer’s

♥ Parkinson’s

Inflammation, combined with stress and exposure to unavoidable toxins in our environment – such as lead, mercury, second hand smoke, POPs and PCBs, pesticides and more, contribute to chronic inflammation.

Dietary choices play a big role in how the body responds and reacts to the inflammatory process. In this class, Registered Dietitian, Donna Wolf, will teach you the importance & fundamentals of  identifying toxins in your body, and environment; shopping for, preparing and consuming foods that will help you reduce inflammation and maintain optimum health. Resources, recipes and handouts are provided.

For more information on how to reduce inflammation through healthy diet choices in your life, contact Donna at 858-335-2140 or

Donna Wolf, Healthy Directions for You

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