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Detox Your Body Workshop

Detoxing Your Body Never Felt so Good!


Why Detoxing Your Body is Essential

Just like a car engine, you bodies get clogged up with toxic sludge that interferes with them operating at full capacity. Cars need tune-ups and so do our bodies, in order to clean out the pipes and refresh our whole system to regenerate and keep functioning.

Doing a cleansing Detox periodically, preferably at the start of each new season, is like taking good care of your car with regular checkups, oil changes and schedule maintenance. It keeps your body running better for longer.

A Detox cleans out all your organs and blood and especially gives your liver and kidneys a well needed break from all that hard work they have had to do filtering all the toxins your body that has been inundated with from the food you eat, the drinks you drink and all the environmental pollutants you are exposed too day in and day out.

There is a lot of bad press on detoxing the body. If detoxing is done improperly without guidance and supervision it can cause more harm than good. This workshop educates and encourages you to reboot your health with an effective and guided Detox that will help you start your journey back to well-being and good health.

Please join us for our next Detoxify Your Body Workshop

February 17th Detox For Health and/or Weight Loss
6pm to 7pm

Class cost is $5 if prepaid, $10 at the door. Bring a guest and get your class half price— so invite friends & family and make a fun filled evening of it. Recipes prepared are eaten, so come hungry!

Choose One
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It is ONLY $5. Seats are limited and fill up fast.

Register now to learn more about how to take better care of your body, so it ages gracefully and to prevent disease and reduce some excess weight.

By the way, your registration fee goes towards your Detox program, when you’re ready to go for it and make your health your top priority.

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