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Our Favorite Resources for the New Year
For those of you who don’t know how to get started on the right track and would like some easy resources, we have got them here for you. We have included a list of our favorite places for healthy recipes, local personal chefs in the area that will help you meet your specific nutritional needs, options for already made meals that come right to your door and some apps for your phone to help you make nutritional food choices and stay on the right track with your healthy nutrition and exercise plan.
Recipe Resources:
Cooking Light:
Vegetarian Times:
All recipe:
Mark Bittman:
Personal Chefs:Annel & Drew’s Kitchen, Chefs/,, 858-210-5094, 858-775-1316 Nutritious & Delicious, Beckette Williams, MS,,, 858-748-3466

Prepared Meals:

Artisan Bistro, Healthy Eating Made Easy, Mention this code 326951, 888-824-5116

Sandy’s Healthy Gourmet Pantry, 760-749-0352

NutriFit, 1-800-341-4190

Organic Bistro Brands

Vegetarian Resource- Amy’s Organic Brands

Food and Recipe Applications:

Food on the Table: Matches your food preferences to weekly sales from major supermarkets nationwide.

Food Facts: By searching this database this food allergen app delivers nutrition information and allergen alerts.

Seafood Watch: This is a digital guide to sustainable fish and seafood.

Find Me Gluten: Let’s you know about local gluten free businesses in a single directory.

How to Cook Everything Essentials: Includes a variety of recipes, kitchen basics and cooking techniques.

Diet and Exercise Tracking Applications:

My Fitness Pal: Tracks food intake, nutrients and exercise as well as your progress. Provides a support community and alerts.

Daily Burn: Tracks foods eaten, set goals based on age, weight and fitness levels and allows you to build customized workout routines.

Meal Logger: Works right alongside with your RD. Allows them to review and coach you based on your own food journal and tracks your progress.

Lose It!: Allows you to set a weight loss goal and time line and then calculates how many calories you should consume and how much you actually take in.

Slim Down Shopping List: Allows you to search picks from Women’s Health Magazine and see the nutrition information.

Map My Run: logs running and walking with GPS. Let’s you know your time, distance and pace as well as calorie burn.

Intervals: interval timer for interval related workouts


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