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Summer Weight Loss- There is still time!

It’s July and you wonder where the summer has gone! But not only is there time to fit in that camping trip or beach volleyball game but there is still time to meet you summer weight loss goals and be bikini ready.

Please ask me if summertime is the easiest time to lose weight? Personally for me, it’s a struggle! But we all have individual challenges and strengths that help us along the way.

The abundance of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, plus the warm weather and smaller clothes, would motivate us to pay closer attention to what we put in our mouths. However, some of us find the summer months to be distinctly challenging. Why? They are just more social — more dinners with friends, more reasons to celebrate with a margarita, and most often, a vacation and/or a few extra days off from work. All this socializing, while fun and festive, can make it extremely hard to lose weight or even maintain.

Here are a few tips to tone up and slim down before summer time runs out.

1. Cut the sugar. Sugar is most often the biggest weight loss saboteur. Regardless of calories, sugar will stop weight loss in its tracks. Many foods that are marketed as “healthy and fat free” can be super high in sugar and can destroy your weight-loss efforts. It is best to keep added sugar at a minimum This does not include naturally occurring sugar, such as that found in whole fruit, veggies and dairy products.

2. Go without alcohol five nights per week. I am a big fan of cocktail hour, especially during the summer months. What could be better than sitting outside with an icy margarita or a frothy beer? The sad news is that alcohol and weight loss do not mix well. Not only are the calories from alcohol empty but they also interfere with fat metabolism and stimulate your appetite. If you know that you have a social weekend coming up, try to keep your weekday nights alcohol free. It is all about planning ahead for your cocktails. 

4. Graze your way through the day. You may have been taught that eating three square meals is the best way to achieve weight loss success, but more recent thinking supports grazing as a better way to keep your weight in check. Eating five to six small meals, throughout the day will not only boost your metabolism, but will also prevent extreme hunger pangs, which can result in over-eating or poor food choices.

5. Veg out. It is so clichéd, but remember to eat your veggies! Munch out on raw carrots, peppers, cucumbers and pea pods.  Go to the market and see whats in season, bring home the goods and prepare them for the week! Soak up the fresh fruits and veggies that market has to offer

6. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Studies suggest that the sweetness you taste from these non-caloric sweeteners will cause your body to crave more sweet stuff. When you taste sweet, you want more sweet.

7. Plan ahead. When looking at your summer fun, plan ahead for your healthy eating program. Planning ahead includes finding time to shop for healthy foods, finding time to exercise and loading up on the right stuff! 

8. find guidance and get motivation. Can’t seem to do these things on your own and don’t know where to start? Contact us and join our new weight loss program launching within the next month!

Feel great, look good and be healthy!




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