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Testimonial – Anna S

Donna Wolf and the LEAP protocol have helped me tremendously!

Prior to the protocol I had constant nasal congestion and hay fever and constipation. I tried on my own to eat better, drink plenty of water and exercise, but my symptoms never improved. I was desperate to find something other than going to my MD to be told to eat more fiber, drink water, exercise and take a decongestant…I knew there had to be another way.

Prior to my appointment, I completed a very detailed questionnaire of my medical history, and symptoms I was currently experiencing. On my first visit Donna discussed my medical history in great detail and explained in the value of the MRT blood test and how it identifies food & chemical sensitivities that could possibly be causing my symptoms.

Donna helped me to understand my results and my all phases of my customized food plan. LEAP protocol has really improved my symptoms, from a starting score of 52 down to a 2 in a matter of five months. I have more energy, no more waking with nasal congestion, hay fever and after taking her recommended probiotics, my constipation greatly improved and I’ve lost weight.

BUT the biggest surprise for me was my reaction to mosquito bites, since I was young – the bites would swell to the point where I’d have to go to the doctor’s office and get antibiotics. WELL, while on vacation a month ago… I did get bitten; BUT to my surprise, the mosquito bites did not swell or get infected! I know this was all due to my immune system finally being able to fight off infection…..where as before LEAP— my system was in an inflammatory state and unable to fight infection.

LEAP worked for me, I now enjoy trying new foods, planning meals and cooking again. I definitely recommend Healthy Directions to anyone who is suffering with constant allergies and constipation; but best of all…Donna is wonderful to work with!

Anna S., Fallbrook, CA October 24, 2016

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