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Testimonial – Candice Lai

I was overweight, tired and my joints hurt constantly. I thought I was eating healthy. After many months of trying to lose the weight on my own, nothing happened. I was frustrated and needed answers. I found Donna Wolf and found my answers.

With the MRT testing, it showed that all the foods I was consuming I was sensitive to. After eliminating the foods and completely changing my diet I started seeing better results. The LEAP Program has taught me all new concepts about what we eat, when and why we should eat the way we need to for our own individual bodies.

I doesn’t happen over night and if it wasn’t for Donna Wolf encouraging me throughout the process I wouldn’t have kept going and wouldn’t have understood that the foods we eat can change the way we feel. I now feel healthier, happier and I have so much more energy with my new found lifestyle.

Candice Lai – San Diego, CA January 5, 2017

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