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Testimonial – Deborah M.

I’ve battled to maintain a healthy weight for most of my adult years. In addition, I am now lactose and gluten intolerant and had my gallbladder removed last year. I have a family history of heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes. Six months ago I decided it was time to work with a dietitian to make sure I was eating a nutritionally-balanced diet that would support my goals to be as healthy as possible, lose weight and make sure I’m making good food choices.

I always thought I could obtain these goals on my own. I totally understand how the body metabolizes food, the importance of exercise, how to plan good meals. But I undervalued the importance of having someone – an objective someone – to meet with on a regular basis. Donna Wolf holds me accountable. Not everyone needs that, but I do.

Donna has helped me – and is helping me – to have a better relationship with food, to be patient about weight loss because my metabolism needs to be repaired, and works with me to find tools and solutions that motivate me to achieve my goals. For example, a food diary is really important, especially in the beginning, but after keeping one for months I realized it was now a chore for me. Donna realized that with just one question, and offered me a different way to track my behaviors. And her handouts are awesome. They support with research and give practical tools you can implement.

Since working with Donna, I feel STRONGER. I now better understand the triggers that make me overeat, I am exercising more (and more frequently), I am eating a wider variety of foods, and most importantly, I have Donna on my side … she is sympathetic, knowledgeable, and guides me to understand what I need to do to realize my goals.

For those of you who are struggling with similar issues, I would highly recommend you work with Donna Wolf.

Debbie Murray, September 21, 2016

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