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Testimonial – Laura W.

“I’m 27 years old and I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. I regularly work out and didn’t think my diet was THAT bad but no matter what I did I always carried extra weight. I’ve been on pretty much every diet you can think of where I’ll lose the weight but the second after I stop “dieting” mode the weight comes back on. After years and years of this see saw affect with my weight I decided to get some professional help to not only tackle the weight once and for all but to also adopt a healthy lifestyle. I reached out to Donna for this.

During our first couple meetings she had me write down what I ate for every meal and how I felt.  we would review these food diaries at our monthly meetings. After I believe the second meeting she put together a diet plan for me. It was basically a list that laid out how many servings of what I should be eating in a day (veggies, starches, dairy, etc) and she provided a list of all of the different types of food and the calories count in a serving. She also provided a ton of recipes.  I then tracked my daily meals but on a different sheet where you count the number of servings you have of a particular item type and your sum for the day has to equal the ideal number of servings Donna lays out for you. For example, my servings are: 3 – grain, 2 – dairy, 3 – fruit, 8 – veggies, 7 – meat. Everything I eat in a day should sum up to these servings.

I met with Donna once a month for an hour. We’d review my food diaries for the month and go over a lesson plan. The lesson plans will consist of how your body processes different types of food or how to shop at the grocery store. How to deal with the mental thoughts associated with food, etc.

I went into this process not intending to view it as a new “diet” I was on but a lifestyle change. It took me quite a while to reach that goal but with Donna’s guidance I’m finally getting there. I’ve learned a great deal about how to have a healthy lifestyle without completely depriving myself. I also found that a lot of my issues were mental. Donna helped me to recognize these feels and helped me deal with them.

After work with Donna this last year I finally feel healthy both physically and mentally. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and don’t feel any desire to deviate from my healthy lifestyle. It’s amazing how much better your body feels when you put the correct ingredients into it.

I cannot recommend Donna enough. She’s great!”

Laura W. – San Diego, CA | October 2, 2017

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