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Testimonial – Tonya B.

By the time my friend recommended I see Donna Wolf for a LEAP consult I was open to trying anything. I had been suffering from itchy skin and rashes for years along with sinus issues, fatigue, bloating, etc. I had also recently been dealing with some acute GI issues that were causing me to miss work. I had an appointment set up with a gastroenterologist in the coming weeks and had been tested for all obvious things already. A few years prior I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and started to understand the link between food and my immune system. I hadn’t eaten gluten for two years but couldn’t figure out what else could be causing issues.

Enter Donna Wolf. At my very first consult she listened to my medical history at length and I could tell she was almost as concerned as I was. My symptom score was recorded at a high of 125! It was off the charts. I was miserable. She recommended a probiotic that I started that day. Within two days the nausea that I had experienced for weeks had subsided! I was totally on board with trying to get to the bottom of things and decided to do the LEAP protocol with Donna over the next few months.

Within a few weeks we received my blood test results. Donna walked me through the results and helped me understand what my eating plan would look like over the weeks and months to come. At each consult I saw my improvement and Donna read though all of my food diary and helped me to see where I could be reacting to specific foods. With her guidance and my patience I was able to bring my symptom score down to 29 by the fifth consult! I have finally solved the itchy skin problem that I have had for years. I am NEVER bloated anymore. I know immediately when I eat something that is causing a reaction. I can’t believe the improvements in just a few short months.

I would definitely recommend Donna Wolf and the LEAP protocol to anyone that is suffering from allergies, GI issues, skin problems etc. It wasn’t easy but it was by far the best long term solution I have found to treat underlying health issues instead of just chasing symptom relief.

Tonya B. – Oceanside, CA | July 16, 2017

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