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“Weighty Films”

Curious about our food system and want to learn more? Have you seen food documentary films in the media and wondered what ones should get your time and attention? Well we want to help you and share with you some of our favorites.

Here are some films that will inform you, create awareness, inspire you, educate you and possible even scare you a little.

1. King Corn- Corn being the key ingredient in most processed foods gets 90 minutes of center stage in this film. As the nations “most powerful crop” corn is far from what it used to be. It has been scientifically modified to fit disease and grow “bigger and better” than before. It is used in one state as high fructose corn syrup and in another for feed lot corn.

2. Big River- A follow up movie to King Corn that looks at water contamination as a result of our industrial agriclture chemical use. In King Corn, the makers of the movie grow an acre of corn. In this film, they get a first hand look at what the pesticides and fertilizers do to harm our water supply.

3. Vanishing of the Bees- This is a documentary that focues on the dissapearing of the bees. It takes a closer look at the economic, political and ecological causes of the worldwide vanishing of the bees. The film examines the relationship between man and bee and digs into what ahs caused the Vanishing of the Bees.

4. Food, Inc.- If you are looking for some answers to all those questions you have about our food industry this is the documentary for you. This film seeks to uncover some of the hidden facts about the way in which or fod is produced and how our nations food supply is controlled by a handful of corporations.

5. Forks Over Knives- This film focuses on the benefits of eating a more plant based diet. It focuses on how eating whole plant foods can assist in reversing disease, limit environmental destruction and promote animal welfare.

6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead- An austrailian man travels across the US while trying to complete a 60 day green juice fast. At the same time he interviewed Americans about healthy, eating and their weight. If you are looking for fast pace and entertaining, this is the film for you.

7. Our Daily Bread- This film allows you to come up with your own conclusions or rather, it is a silent film. It shows what goes on behind the scenes of food production.

8. Fresh- This film not only points out the problems our food systems faces but lets us know as viewers what we can do about them. It is a more positive and solution based approach to informing the viewer.

9. Sweet Misery: A LEAP based film and documentary on the effects of aspartame and how dangerous it really can be to our health.

10. Lbs.- This film focuses on America’s issue in todays society with compulsive overeating. The main charecters struggle with food addiction

You can find these films on Amazon, Netflix and maybe even at your local library! For more information or questions, just contact us and we’d be happy to help you out!

References: Today’s Dietitian and Weight Matters

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