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2013 NEW Year – Resolutions and Reflections

2013: Resolutions and Reflections

As one year ends and a new one begins, we chose to reflect and make resolutions to improve ourselves in the coming year. For those with nutrition /diet and health related concerns, this is a particularly popular time for a renewed focus making choices to promote health and well-being. For those with allergies and food sensitivities, the New Year can be a great time to set goals to better manage allergies throughout the coming year.

If you have been on the gluten-free, dairy free, elimination (or other allergy) diet for years, but are looking to make some healthy changes, now is the time. If you are just starting out, put the momentum of the New Year to good use by researching recipes and trying a variety of new foods.

Before setting goals or choosing resolutions, reflecting on the past year is helpful to ensure you set up appropriate goals.

  • How have you done with eliminating foods that cause allergic reactions, bloating, fatigue, headaches etc?
  • What foods are triggers to you and how can you eliminate those foods in your diet?
  • What foods can you add to improve your diet nutritionally and make sure your diet is balanced?
  • Have you been following the recommendations from your dietitian or health care provider?


Ideas for goals and resolutions:

  • Use a diary (or spreadsheet) to record & track meals, physical & emotional reactions, Symptoms, Exercise, and Sleep patterns to help you decide on specific changes to make. This is also good documentation to recognize patterns both good & bad, if you are accurate & faithful in recording.
  • Begin eliminating foods that cause bad reactions and learn to read labels well!
  • Try a new recipe each week.
  • Explain your diet goals to friends and family so they can support your goals.
  • Join a support group for individuals with food allergies or sensitivities.

Although the New Year can be a time of renewed focus and goal setting, don’t put excess pressure on yourself! Changes take time, and consistency. It takes 8weeks of consistent effort to become a new habit When you develop new healthy habits, your mood and physical well being will improve, as will your energy levels THINK SMALL CONSISTENT STEPS OVER TIME.

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