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New Year, New (Re)Solutions

Do you have difficulty losing weight no matter how hard you try? Does it seem that no matter how little you eat or how hard you work out, the scale doesn’t go down? Or are you the opposite and can’t gain weight no matter what you do?  These are real problems that real people, like you and I, actually deal with.

There are a number of reasons that may cause these issues/symptoms. It could have something to do with food sensitivities and allergies that are causing inflammation and water retention in the body. Sometimes these allergies or food sensitivities can prevent us from properly absorbing nutrients that we need on a daily basis. This inflammation and bloating add to the overall weight of our body and can cause the numbers on the scale to rise.

Whether you are trying to lose or gain, each problem has it’s own frustrations and there is not a fix-all solution. Each of us is wired and built in a different way. Therefore, our systems each react differently to foods and food products that may otherwise be “miracle foods” to someone else. Most recommendations for weight loss are generic and not based on individual needs.

It is important to evaluate yourself on an individual basis and this includes establishing what food you may be intolerant to. Once the source of the issue is established, a nutrition therapy plan can be developed from there. By simply eliminating the foods that are causing inflammation rather than going  on a basic diet, most clients see a reduction in weight without even trying.

If you find that you are struggling with not only weight loss or gain but unexplained aches and pains, illness and disease and your body is not responding to the typically solution, consider trying something new. Don’t give up on the idea that you can feel better, lose weight and have more energy. Consider the possibilities of food allergies and sensitivities and a whole new world may open up for you.

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